Claire's most

Let's face it. Everyone in the PC wants more petz. This is my wishlist. If you happen to have any petz like the ones below, email me as soon as possible so we can work out a trade. When it comes to a wish list, all of my crew is fair game as trades.


Owned by Denise
Hexed by Lida

Hexed by Zoey & ? (?)

A Firework dane
Owned by Alex at UK Petz
Hexed by Joey

Rabbit (specifically him)
Owned by Bloss
Hexed by Jesse

A Raffy dane
Owned and hexed by Ally at Animal Station
Hexed by Joey

Owned by ?
Hexed by Jesse

A Star dane
Owned by ?
Hexed by Moony

Owned by Raine
Hexed by Sirius

A dane like Edward
Owned by Chelsie
Hexed by Michy at Pogo

A dog like Kaden
Owned by Sirius
Hexed by Jesse