Welcome to the Aftermath portal! I found myself trying to juggle way too many sites at one time and finally decided to plaster them all in one place. Here you'll find pages dedicated to my petz, babyz, and cyber pets. There are a few more hidden surprises (and some pages strictly for myself) as well. Thank you to Kat (for putting up with my constant adding of sites to her server) and JT (for putting up with my constant question asking). I update frequently so keep checking back!

Navigation is on the bottom and is fairly self explanitory - to get to Blue Rose, click the blue rose. Petz is, of course, the paw print. And Babyz click the heart. If at any point you want to return to the welcome page, simply click on the bench/setting sun in the left hand picture - that will take you to the "travel" page and by clicking on "travel" you can find the welcome page again :D

Note to Firefox users: I know the left nagivation is off a few pixels for you and I apologize for that. I worked for a week to try and get the HTML/CSS to work and I just can't. JT can't figure it out, HTML nerds can't figure it out, so I'm at a loss and you all just have to deal. So sorry about this - when I can find a fix, I'll definitely let you know!

Saturday, October 20, 2007
  • Lots of new Vaale added to Blue Rose!!

  • One new field has been formed: Dark Wings Collide.