Small Creatures

You step into a room smelling of fresh bedding and the sound of tiny paws scampering about elaborate pens. The room itself has beautifully dark hardwood floors and wood paneled walls. Many windows are located in the room, providing it with much natural sunlight. Each specific creature has an indoor pen and an outdoor pen connected to it where they are free to go as they please. You decide to take a closer look at all of the creatures...


Pommy from Chaotique (Closed)

Spritz, Female, Siamese Markings Cane, Male, ? Markings - Rare - Hat Spain, Female, Multi-colored Siamese, Kit of Spritz x Cane Splurge, Female, Thick Stripes, Hooded - Rare Link, Male, Marble Piano, Female, Kit of Link x Splurge Kreme, Female, Calico Mal, Male, Special Valentine Pommy

[New Version]

Furne, Male, Striped, Light Brown Eyes Rosella, Female, Marble, Pink Eyes


Mice from The Moussery

9-1 Pepper, Male, Spotted 4-2 Cinnamon, Female, Fox 4-8 Corky, Male, Spotted Fox, Pup of Pepper and Cinnamon 5-6 Noelle, Female, Exotic Ears 7-1.0 Vandal, Male, Lilac Spotted
7-13 Pillow, Female, Argente Spotted 1-14 Marble, Male, Picasso 2-20 Marshmallow, Female, Rare Fox 5-21 Starbucks, Female, Siamese 5-24 Cinder, Female, Fuzzy, Reddish Covered
5-27 Neapolitan, Male, Tri-Colored, Halfie, Hairless, Rare Puck, Male Nami, Female, Trash Mouse Kiven, Male Kyan, Male
Maya, Female Squeeks, Male 4-26 Conrad, Male


Mice from Almost

Dusty, Male, Cinnamon Self, Headblaze, Longhair
Cookie, Female, Hairless Dutch, Showable
Rosie, Female, Pup of Cookie x Dusty, Chocolate Fox
Cheddar, Male, Black Hooded, Longhair